We can provide packing services of your household things and materials. We take care of your fragile goods and transfer them safely to your requested destination.

Transport and Delivery

We transport and deliver your household goods safely to your requested destination. We provide also transportation of any kind of goods or materials.

Move-Out / Move-In Cleaning

We understand moving is a difficult procedure and you have a lot to think. C&F Transport help you also with the cleaning of space that you are moving out/in by providing professional cleaning services.

New furniture assemble

Our company help you assemble new furniture if you are having trouble with it or if you are incapable to do so.

Shopping center Transportation

Do you have to transport furnitures or anything else from shopping centers ? Contact us to get the best price in the market and to have them delivered on your door.

Old furniture and junk removal

We remove your old furniture or junk for you.

Floor Renovation

We provide high-quality floor sanding, floor planing and floor refinishing. We offer professional floor services in Copenhagen. With many years of experience and a skilled workforce, we guarantee floor services of high quality that will make you proud to invite guests into your home. We are experts in utilising specialised equipment to create beautiful, long-lasting results that are specifically tailored to your needs. For this reason, hiring a professional floor sanding company is a smart choice. We offer these types of services: Floor planing Floor sanding Floor refinishing (lye, vanish, oil, and paint) When you hand over your keys to us, you can put away your worries and look forward to a job well-done as we have many years of industry experience.

Paiting Services


Does your home need a new paint? Or are you just tired of the current wall color? Have you just moved into your new apartment? Or do you need paint by moving? We understand you well and would like to help you. It may be easier than you think. We are specialists in indoor paints in Copenhagen, we love to paint houses, apartments, rooms, and that is why we have made indoor paint for our specialty.